Episode 10:
Perfect Pairings

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Creating harmonious indoor and outdoor sanctuaries that unify well requires great foresight and tremendous collaboration between homeowners and their design teams. In Arizona, with our abundance of beautiful weather, we have the ability to bring our indoors out and our outdoors in which give designers an opportunity to create perfect pairings.

Our design team had the privilege to work both indoors and out on a charming house built in the 1950’s. Updating this residence yet still holding on to the original architectural structure and originality was rewarding, educational and actually easier than I had imagined it would be. Renovating the existing space both indoors and out to an updated open feel and turning individual smaller areas into spacious larger rooms automatically modernized this homes appearance. By creating an outdoor lifestyle area it added the feel of an additional room.

Show Home

Rejuvenating the kitchen to incorporate beauty, space and performance and meet the standards and requests of our homeowner who loves to cook was a gratifying design experience. This kitchen is contemporary and sophisticated yet comfortable and inviting. Soft and subtle however full of contrast with white cabinetry and dark granite countertops and striking appliances all sitting on top of the original wood floor that was given a restored finish to help make this home shine.

A great deal of attention to many details helped keep the charm of this older home in an innovative way. The creation of a fireplace and recreation of original stone on another through the eyes of an artist, perfect placement of granite tiles, selection of the right simple cabinet door styles and the hardware chosen to bring them to life, enhancement of architectural details and additions where needed…the list goes on and on. Truly a perfect sanctuary!


If you prefer to seek your sanctuary on the road then we have the adventure for you! Let us introduce Arizona’s finest Bed, Breakfasts and local Wineries and take you on an adventure you will never forget. We encourage you to come experience some of Arizona’s most magnificent wine tours, an entertaining and educational cooking school, meet extraordinary chefs and have the opportunity to actually dine at their tables, rest, relax and wake up to mouth watering breakfasts that start your day with a smile at stunning Bed & Breakfasts. And experience ALL of this right in the heart of Sedona’s captivating red rock countryside. This is what we call Perfect Pairings.

Sedona is a beautiful place to visit with warm, friendly people, breathtaking scenery and adventures around every corner. Their award winning Bed and Breakfasts are more than just well designed lodging amongst dramatic landscapes; they are a home away from home where you’ll feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. Perfect Parings introduces you to an exciting journey where you’ll enjoy friendly transportation as you tour and taste through Arizona wine country. Sample an array of grape varietals grown right here in our own state and meet the winemakers themselves. Why not take with you a bottle of your favorite wine and uncork and enjoy while experiencing an intimate cooking school brought to you in a professional performance kitchen. Learn firsthand how the pros do it! At the end of the day what better way to unwind than dining at the chefs table in one of Sedona’s most sought after dining establishments. Enjoy an evening of great food and wine with amazing company to share your day’s adventures with.

Learn more about Perfect Pairings here.

We’d like YOU to see the wonder and beauty of Sedona…perfectly your way. Exploration, education, lasting memories, let’s get started with your escape. We welcome you to Sedona and offer you Perfect Pairings!

Copyright 2010 Denise Teichert, Fine Wine and Design


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