Episode 14:
A Modern Craftsman

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The Historical area of Tempe, Arizona located off 9th Street and Ash is about to experience an exciting neighborhood addition. An introduction of 7 residential units surrounding a central landscaped courtyard will soon be adding to the charm of this quaint neighborhood. Property owners Scott and Irene are working with General Contractor RD Hendrickson and the Modern Group Team of skilled contractors and talented designers, Architect Jim Hann, and the Fine Wine and Design team to bring their dream to fruition. This passionate couple is finding great joy in their work as they embrace the creative process involved with developing solid, comfortable residential spaces that carry the uniqueness and simplicity of the early 1900’s Craftsman Style.

Getting Started

Traditional in character using modern materials, this properties construction will feature recycled and re-usable products. Each unit will be highly energy efficient and will vary in size and personality. Averaging around 1600 SF, no two will be alike! The individualism of each residential unit will be expressed through the use of color, materials and textures bringing simplicity and staying connect to nature. Covered porches and balconies will add charm and much character while private enclosed garages will provide security and convenience. All designed around the popular Craftsman Style which originated at the turn of the Century out of Southern California. Few Craftsman Style homes were built after the 1930’s.

In the Kitchen

Character Defining Features of Craftsman Style Homes
Wide Overhangs
Timber Framed
Triangular Brace Supports
Wood Shingle Siding and/or Horizontal Siding
Wide Window and Door Casings
Tapered Porch Supports
Low Porch Pedestals Usually Supporting Columns
Exposed Rafters
Decorative Beams or Braces
Sloping Foundations
Low Pitched Gable Roofs in Various Planes

Work in Progress

Scott and Irene have been working with our Design Team choosing exterior colors that reflect the style and era authentically. Dark earthy color schemes in browns, grays and reds to brighter greens and blues were prevalent for this period and style. Getting the color right is an important aspect in the overall design and feel of this project.

The original one story home on this property has already been remodeled into a Bungalow Style rental that will be incorporated into the overall project. The remainder of the units will be 2 story with the 2 small studio units centrally located creating a third floor. Reclaimed materials from the original existing buildings have been salvaged by Irene and will be introduced into the overall design elements. The owners also plan to bring historical pieces from all parts of the world as they enjoy their love for travel, history and design.
I look forward to taking you on this journey with Scott and Irene and the entire Modern Group Team as we experience a ground breaking historical production of design and build. We’ll closely document and bring to you amazing creativity, detailed design decisions, trials and tribulations, cutting edge technology, modern materials and treasures from the past. Watch as we maintain integrity of place, respect for nature and enthusiasm for what soon some will call HOME.




The Modern Group Team
James Hann Designs