Episode 17:
Tierra Linda

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An Entrepreneur, a Floral Designer, a Drummer, an Interior Designer, a Foodie and now we add to the list of Linda’s many talents…Kitchen Designer! Creativity, enthusiasm and personality plus ooze out of this extremely gifted woman. We had great fun chatting about design, flowers and music. I even got a little inside scoop on Fine Wine and Design’s Creative Director Ron Gerson. Did I mention she is his sister? Talent definitely runs in this family!

Tierra Linda

I had the privilege of visiting Linda at her Tucson home several years ago, pre-kitchen redesign. The transformation Linda made to her kitchen was awe-inspiring. And she tackled this project all on her own. As a Designer I can assure you the space she had to work with would be challenging for any designer. Her choice in exquisite cabinetry, silestone countertops and top of the line Bosch appliances came together beautifully with an air of professionalism.

Many flowers brightened this very special home and rightfully so when the homeowner owns Tierra Linda Designs, a floral design company. A very well known one too as she has been published in numerous magazines and is highly sought after by some very famous people all over the world. Tierra Linda means Beautiful Earth in Spanish and Linda certainly has a knack for taking a piece of our beautiful earth and turning it into works of art. That is clear in every arrangement Linda lays her hands on. Oh… and let’s not forget the aroma! I am not sure which I preferred most, the floral scent throughout every room of the house or the scrumptious Mushroom Chilaquiles Chef Janos prepared in Linda’s newly remodeled kitchen. Our entire crews stomachs were rumbling for hours.

Chef Janos


Speaking of our senses, we use all of our senses in the world of fine wine, food and design. Whether we are experiencing elegant art or the earthiness of a fabulous Red, how we view them are remarkably similar. Just as we discover some of the finest wines available to us, we also are presented the opportunity to discover fine artisans as well. And pairing wine with art not only inspires emotion it often enhances the mood of any setting.

We did exactly that by bringing fine wine and design together at DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal in Scottsdale, Arizona. Just as Sommelier David Newton changes the way we taste wine, Artist Chris DeRubeis has changed the way we view art. DeRubeis has introduced chemicals and paint and created a unique chemical reaction giving us the art of Abstract Sensualism. It’s obvious why this talented artist has won the prestige’s ARTV award and is nationally recognized. His work is every bit as velvety, smooth, tasteful and stunning as the wines we paired it with.

DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal


David took the art of wine full circle, pairing it with a savory meal prepared by Celebrity Chef Janos Wilder on BOSCH Appliances, bringing together earthy wines and Tierra Linda (Beautiful Earth) Design and combining bold visuals with bold flavors that truly brought out the world of Fine Wine meets Design.




Special Thanks to:

BOSCH Appliances
David Newton, Sommelier
Chef Janos Wilder
Tierra Linda Designs
DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal